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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 171  Al Jazeera  June 21, 2018 10:32am-11:01am +03

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because those. who to be able to. be annoyed and i didn't live my life we could all walk and blah blah blah. and what would you kids say how old can save us and. nobody can is them yes the well done yeah but then. at forty. the woman or the money on it when you are. saying get it again and they want to be twenty three or twenty five and that's really sad because after some some leverage always women bad the kitty and bad men that's going to have had a completely hit the scene of that for us not can go down to see it at the methodist who it is that joe was old can't remain if you're busy i'm out of our stream comes our school and my ass off to you to my house on my bass just knew that i have it and he thought oh we'll show you this for the hell you i'm a puppet now if this was how you'd see if it does but there's so. many who bought
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it i mean it would be good to know how to own up to him how. who could claim it that i got to look at me and what have you but i don't want to then i'm a gentleman that must be bad not when i don't but i can it's not bad enough you know one of the spirit i've heard when you. need it. most of it my fix not only. sin i wish i had a man who. shot a bus back but by then it's my name but all folk who have been there said and i'm going to. tell you you don't believe me she said. i know my future. we see it all on the seaborne but. she will do this tomorrow you've got. with this all the. end it is only.
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one judge may say. he did the most or so is the head of the. american and the uk to the rest. i'm not going. to feel this is feel as i wish my. just among them of. the i'm going to sort out my famous. nonsense ten have been you. had these hours she it's about companionship it's about love it's about. beautiful moments together. really hear what it is that that way is motherboard big. aftab to sell be.
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a don't belong to we'll call from there where the huddle is show you look there's are those that can market them aboard so is. ok on the same slip saying if you have them for us on the movie with any of us as our. lips then thank you that could move you help. us come in live. on. the job was all and no. which is not fair and i had done well at them. rather than me and elysium is no holy man that is in will my. tiny mind the thing. is
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a bus that had. itself. that's an odd little of animal but they would get it going if it sounds. the has had. and then she or whatever he and. i don't have a living. that is something i've mounted by management lived to be it's a kind of dream don't know maybe i didn't try so maybe maybe you're right nobody and i don't see an all black as i if you look around and the word let out a lot of successful women and a mandarin only batek example and i know where that actresses where that. is where their active. you name it they want to have families. where luck anarkali.
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pick one and they went to. a union or as again. i said no but they were the. mission of but they were like take. it down if they did my job was many of them. know it well good luck or feel like that it's a good deed. and all because they are out of the house stuck with their mama said i'm down in-vitro can be in the form a lot of people in vitro well i'd like highly wiggle out for the mother. of the. i mean in awe. at that of a high. michael at that early in holden i've been but i love a lot of and that's
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a good enough some been f. what the board if. you can alan a commanding lead. to hell no. more envoys now can handle it i could be like a no active sob a moment this am was the head with a green a. file and legs and on her support. behind it i wish i haven't there been been one and the guy leigh lead line of thirty two when. i heard the name is a manic at the end down that we're not the sob who killed our noddy and was a relative come in here anderson and look and not have an arm and they had hi shannon at. least hundred other food i'd feel you can of that clear in how last
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were at the handle on the subway. was based on the subway and about this area before home. less was even no. other created by the nose i was is it gonna be sort of. if you know how many are to fish. what i wish said is now that one. day mom has a bit too much time on the steps and hours of. course i've done a little bit in the other i don't there are unified modes of a. middle market that we agree on are the no zero to love in a fiar. that. means you will not get it knocked on yes you are mom have had a cool head and they had you going in the car how do you clock. but.
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one is knocking down a developer in the food aisle. and you can. get offered under the law. you. have got. in the. area no. one is. ok. man are you going to just leave little in the. morning. and. spit you can see it coming i said it's waste. i salute the inside of. him. on the sort of look at it you know and i'm with him on . a couple of cases. now and i was not there was
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a friend and he. got me busy bit and then let's see if have but it's not that long to do my point and i don't want somebody on oh. let's move on and. yet look at any bad dilemma has seen on some on the. planet i mean there's. a lovely song you low as a bonus why not about the line when i said that. it was my year but it's the heart of what the job was for so it's no better how to. market or. coercion that attacking me but. letting them now be fully one of the first to show and. but the fact. there is a comeback hooman hayden on n.b.c. the one of the fetish but they are on him because if there was no market. in sin
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i would accept he had been in such and well had the deal and it was always well had i moved because in the us is in the clear to me when i look at the way my husband is a good man in my house. i have the. bottom and i was always in. saudi have by not by. not have you piaf me this kind of man the head of if i'm hard pressed actually i think i had to have that how many head back.
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in february. misty what i mean by that do you. feel like you physically and. find those to be together that sound money even for the numbers of the kids of. the buffalo bill showed up at the end of. the day you go for what it's like she did me with have they been for the. dead so. i went down there and they've been. going to bury. me
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a minute well no matter about me i'm a coming. up the coming move there are a lot to come your armor on. basically the kids should have done. whatever only one of the moms on the airwaves in the sake of it out. of. the hospital. money superman martin and a whole lot more borrowed for that outfit. i don't know whether some of the other yards when it. it is.
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the story of a british italian man experiencing life close up in a palestinian refugee camp in beirut it's. coming face to face with the daily lives of its residents some of moon have lived there for seventy years but there has been horrific jomo soldier's life it's not the normal life the show seven days in beirut let. on al-jazeera.
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back it for us when you hear him whether on line horrendous things humans hold us through. about that or if you join us on the sack of the major countries in the commonwealth how far bigger fish to fry. this is a diana talk to us about some of this success if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decisions join the colobus conversation the amount is iraq. hello again well look at the americas this time on across north america we've got some heavy rain across parts of the south yes some flooding here along the gulf of mexico coastline showers pushing up the front direction across parts of the midwest still looking pretty wet and elsewhere across southeast and i was looking shower a little bit cooler for washington and new york compare with recent days meanwhile out across the northwest we've got some showers there for seattle and some showers
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across the rockies for the certainly can find some francisco getting up to twenty two degrees celsius and the showers continue across eastern areas down into the caribbean for the islands we've still got a weakness around central areas giving some heavy rain across eastern parts of cuba through jamaica and also for haiti up through the isthmus again silicon showery in places and the showers extending up through into parts of mexico some heavy downpours still possible here rather cloudy picture across parts of the yucatan peninsula heading into friday not a great deal of change still plenty of showers around mexico for south america heavy showers across venice. i there through towards columbia continue but really when she comes out is looking fine until we get down toward a year ago on the far south of brazil with that frontal system but that does tend to clear away during the course of friday we're looking at highs of fifteen degrees in buenos aires.
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in australia. and sent to remote. indefinite detention. conscient. understand how you can do this to smuggle in eyewitness accounts the main thing you're doing for people eames asking them not. to kill themselves witness. a sign. on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian for again this is the news live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. i didn't like the sight but the feeling of families being separated
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the u.s. president about his controversial policy of splitting migrant children from their parents. accusations of rape electrocution and beatings of prisons run by the united arab emirates in yemen. a dumping ground for electronic waste how the problem is now spreading to other countries following a band in china plus. russia with love the happiest football fans as the first two teams qualify for the world cup knockout stages. the u.s. president has bowed to pressure and signed an executive order to end his controversial policy of separating migrant families at the border with mexico children will now be detained with their parents for up to twenty days but donald trump wants to
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extend that alan fischer reports from washington. he did have a lot of happy people faced with growing outrage a real retreat from president donald trump on his controversial policy of separating families who enter the u.s. illegally we're going to have strong very strong borders but we're going to keep the families together i didn't like the site but a feeling of families being separated. those who enter the u.s. illegally will still be prosecuted the continuation of trumps the zero tolerance border policy but families will be kept together while they wait for a hearing before an immigration judge but the trumpet ministration can't keep children in detention indefinitely under u.s. law in what is known as the florida settlement you have to be placed with a close relative or friend normally within twenty days and those who are in custody have to be kept in the least restrictive conditions possible the executive order that the administration announced today is going to set up family incarceration camps on department of defense facilities around the country but the executive
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order itself acknowledges that that is not a long term solution and kids will not be allowed to remain in those facilities for the duration of their proceedings which trumpet ministration will no seek an option court hearing to modify that agreement to allow them to detain families for longer if you're really really prophetically weak the country is going to be overrun with millions of people trumps executive order is only a temporary solution to the broader problem of immigration reform meeting at the white house republicans argued for measures to stop migrants entering the u.s. and then disappearing without appearing before an immigration judge as president you know you've got a real plan if you don't take the adults the law requires the children to be separated if you let the adults in the country they never show up seems to me that we want to keep the family together and have the parish often the core of the democrats dispute trumps claim he was simply enforcing the law when it comes to separating children from their parents democrats argue it was
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a choice the uses what amounts to government sponsored child abuse as political leverage a bargaining chip in his effort to force through an extremist immigration agenda the house of representatives will vote in immigration legislation on thursday but with competing ideas on the best way forward there's no clear idea of what might get enough votes to succeed and this issue isn't about to go. we alan fischer washington well for migrant families president trumps backdown provides little clarity only confusion they want to know when they'll be reunited and when that will happen or what will happen when the twenty day detention limit expires al-jazeera is gay but as underwent looking for answers in brownsville in texas near the border with mexico. after washington announced an end to family separation of asylum seekers at the border there was no celebrating in brownsville texas instead only confusion the law states families seeking asylum that are arrested in the u.s.
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can only be kept together in detention for twenty days trumps legal team says they'll go to court try to extend that and the so-called zero tolerance policy it remains in place so there is no change in policy on arresting asylum seekers and charging them with the crime the thing that concerns us the most is that ultimately what this will result in as far as we can tell is indefinite detainment of families sounds like you don't think this is the solution absolutely not a lot of confusion still in the days ahead yet there's a lot of opacity still around this and ultimately until we see an end to zero tolerance we don't think that this is. we don't think that you can address these issues without ending zero tolerance with not enough shelters or detention facilities to how's everyone tent city detention centers for children like this one in a remote desert area near el paso texas will remain for now conditions are difficult
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temperatures can reach forty two degrees celsius and in brownsville outside this shelter detention center housing hundreds of kids no sign of being reunited with their parents. this shelter behind me is one that already has children in it that have been separated from their families the big question now is how to get them reunited problem is there does not seem to be any system in place to make that happen so it could be days weeks or even months until families are finally reunited activists here remain baffled by what's going on saying that hellish situation has just giving way to another it creates a crime in my minds a crime quite simply is the separation of a of the innocent baby from the mother. and it's completely out of proportion to what's going on in washington relief perhaps after trump's move to curtail the growing storm clouds his separation policy has brought over his
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presidency but here just another night of kids going to bed without knowing what's happened to their parents gabriel's on dough brownsville texas margo schlanger is a law professor at the university of michigan who works on issues of civil rights and criminal detention she joins us now via skype from west liberty in kentucky good to have you with us maga what do you make of the president's apparent u. turn here which isn't really a u.-turn is it in the zero tolerance policy continues and if this isn't sorted out soon we could still be seeing parents separated from their kids in twenty days time . i think that's right there's also not anything close to enough of family detention beds to put these families if they're going to stay there indefinitely and so i think this is a situation of smoke and mirrors by the administration there saying ok we'll stop doing family separations but the policies that they've announced are very likely to continue with family separation and they're just trying to diffuse the growing
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protests rather than to actually solve the problem of the president's action directs the attorney general jeff jeff sessions to go to court to ask for a modification of the court settlement currently prohibits the detention of migrant children for more than twenty days what happens if the court rejects that request well that's exactly the point i don't see any reason why the court would grant that request to the flores settlement was designed to ensure the best interests of children and that the length of time that they could be in detention was actually originally set at five days and was lengthened at the administration's request several years ago to twenty to twenty days so i don't see any reason why judge g. who's the judge who hears that case would grant a request to extend that length of time so i just don't see any prospect of it ok so so the administration has substituted separating kids from the parents for
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jailing kids with that parents so this isn't any kind of solution at all is it where is this going to end well i don't even know that they've done that substitution it seems to me that what they've done is said ok fine we'll fill up the available family detention beds with families and when we run out of that when they hit twenty days we'll separate them then so i actually don't think that i think this is a situation of smoke and mirrors i don't think this is a situation of a partial u.-turn i think this is just obfuscation and where it will end is exactly where we are right now which is the the the cries of children a mode of the. people to say this is not us but one final question margot the thousands of kids who are who are already separated from from their parents what happens to them will they be reunited with the parents and others parents even still in the country or they've been deported or i mean what's going to happen well
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it's a mix some of them are still in the country many of them are still in the country and some of them are not the administration has disavowed any intention of reuniting those families so some of them will be reunited through the efforts of lawyers and advocates who will figure out ways to get through the administration's roadblocks but the administration itself is not lifting one finger to reunite those people and is in fact getting in the way and has said they have no interest in changing what goes on with that twenty three hundred a stolen babies stolen children professor really good to talk to you many thanks indeed for being with us progress lack of there from the university of michigan thank you very much seven former detainees of prisoners run by the united arab emirates in yemen have described what they call systematic sexual torture they told the associated press that they were raped and abused by yemeni guards working under u.a.e. offices but the u.a.e. in tonight is managing or running prisons in the country that a current reports
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a window into what's being described as a world of rampant sexual torture impunity these drawings were smuggled out of iraq to run prisons in yemen made on plastic plates with ink detainees held without charge or trial described humiliation to the associated press news agency one caption in arabic says it's real terrorism and another drawing prisoners being transported in a pickup truck are naked blindfolded and handcuffed. seven former detainees spoke to reporters about what they've witnessed they say rape electrocution and beatings took place at five detention centers including at the iraqi forces headquarters in the country the u.a.e. mission in geneva tweeted that it has never managed or run prisons or secret detention centers in yemen but the accusations don't come as a surprise in march human rights groups accuse the united arab emirates of making
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arbitrary arrests in southern yemen we have. asked that the u.a.e. is responsible for. over an hour. for months many residents demanded to know where their missing relatives are you a military commanders in yemen have repeatedly denied running secret prisons there. the head of government said it best to go with the u.n. he has left and he will use again but abuses continue and all the prisoners have. rights that from the three year war in yemen has caused a complete breakdown of law and order especially in the south where militias operate beyond the control of the courts and the internationally recognized government in addition to the disappearances and torture there have been reports of executions and assassinations diana carom al-jazeera alex simons is
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a reporter with the online news publication the intercept and covers human rights issues he says the u.s. is aware of the act.


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